Diversity & Inclusion

As the first US-based law firm to implement a firm-wide diversity training programme and formal diversity policy in 1984, we have built a solid reputation as a firm dedicated to diversity and inclusion. As such, we support a number of social mobility and diversity initiatives globally. In London, this commitment sees us work with external organisations such as National Autistic Society Prospects, Pathways to Law, PRIME, Sponsors for Educational Opportunity (SEO) London, Rare Recruitment, Stonewall, Teach First and Warwick Multi-Cultural Society. We also actively encourage our employees at all levels across the office to act as positive role models for young people through a range of literacy and mentoring schemes.

Click here to read more about our support of the PRIME programme, including details of how to apply.

We place great emphasis on diversity and inclusion within the firm, and have a number of professional development affinity groups, such as Black Attorney Affinity Group, WeilPride (LGBTQ+ Association of Weil) and Women@Weil. Each group regularly hosts informative and educational meetings, events and programmes for clients and colleagues to further raise awareness of diversity-related issues.

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Weil actively promotes LGBTQ+ rights and equality within the workplace. The London chapter of our firm-wide LGBTQ+ affinity group WeilPride promotes the firm’s LGBTQ+ policies and initiatives, and helps to foster a better understanding of the issues facing the LGBTQ+ community both internally and outside of the firm.

As an example of WeilPride’s outstanding work, the group hosted a programme in October 2014, focussed on LGBTQ+ rights and issues in Europe. The programme also raised awareness of Weil’s LGBTQ+ pro bono work, which includes collaboration with the Human Dignity Trust to help decriminalise homosexuality in Malawi.

All members of WeilPride are available as confidential points of contact for help and guidance regarding LGBTQ+ issues.

In addition to WeilPride, Weil is also a Stonewall Diversity Champion – and features in its Top 20 LGBTQ+ inclusive law firms for 2015. Stonewall is a registered charity which, amongst various other commitments, works with employers to create LGBTQ-friendly policies and working environments.

We are also committed to attracting and recruiting candidates with disabilities. Any candidates with a disability or a long-term health condition should feel able to be open about this at any point during the recruitment process, and beyond. Wherever notified, we will work with candidates to establish the most suitable requirements or adjustments at each stage of the recruitment process. Our online form includes a section which allows applicants to make us aware of any extenuating such circumstances that may be relevant for us to consider when reviewing their form.

If you would prefer to discuss your circumstances with a member of our Graduate Recruitment Team please email graduate.recruitment@weil.com or call 0207 903 1379.