Application Process

Whether you’re applying for our First Year Fast Track Scheme, vacation scheme or a training contract, we welcome applications from all universities and all degree disciplines. Our entry requirements are AAB at A level (or equivalent) and a 2:1 degree (obtained or predicted).

If you do not meet these requirements due to mitigating circumstances and still wish to apply, please ensure you select ‘yes’ on your application form when asked, ‘Are there any important mitigating reasons why you feel that the exam results you have listed do not fully reflect your abilities?’. At this point, you will also be asked to provide details of your circumstances. All mitigating circumstances must be confirmed by a letter from your head teacher or university tutor, and will be checked and referenced once a candidate has passed our selection process.

If you have any questions about the application process please contact a member of the Graduate Recruitment Team by emailing or calling 0207 903 1379.
For further information about the process please Click here.

The application form

The application form is your first opportunity to stand out, to demonstrate your passion for commercial law, and to tell us why Weil is the right firm for you. You should make the most of your experiences, highlighting what you have gained from them and how this might apply to the skills required for a career at Weil.

You should demonstrate that you are a commercial thinker, not only showing an interest in the legal industry, but also evidencing a sound knowledge of current affairs more generally and the impact those events might have for the firm and our clients. Above all, you should be specific in your application and tailor your submission to Weil and why you are committed to joining the firm.

If your application is successful at the first review – conducted by our Graduate Recruitment Team – it will then be reviewed by one of the graduate recruitment partners.

Watson Glaser Online Critical Reasoning Test

The Critical Reasoning test is designed to measure an individual’s ability to structure a sound, solid argument, to analyse information, and to make assumptions and inferences. Critical thinking skills also involve the ability to evaluate information and draw conclusions that can be supported.

  • Inference – The ability to reach logical conclusions from information known or assumed to be true
  • Recognition of Assumptions – Identifying the unstated assumptions underlying a given statement
  • Deduction – Determining whether conclusions follow logically from given information
  • Interpretation – Weighing evidence and deciding if generalisations or conclusions based on data are warranted
  • Evaluation of Arguments – Evaluating the strength and relevance of arguments with respect to a particular question or issue

Candidates who score in the 60th percentile or above will be progressed to the next stage of the process.

Online Video Interview

Our video interview is an excellent opportunity for candidates to build on their application form, and really bring it to life. It is also an incredibly helpful way to prepare for an in-person interview.
Video interviewing allows us to probe a little more than the application form allows, and offers us more of an insight into both your achievements and motivations for a career in commercial law, as well as a career at Weil.

You are able to complete the interview at your own convenience, choosing the time and place that works best for you. You can also complete some of the interview questions, and come back to the rest at a later date, should you wish to.

Here are our top tips for completing a successful video interview.

  • Practice – If you’ve never completed a video interview, you might want to try recording yourself answering some questions.
  • Do your research – Remind yourself of what you included in your application form, as well as doing some further research on Weil, the work that we do, our clients, and the role of a trainee associate.
  • Ensure you have a good internet connection – It is really important not to let technical issues get in the way of a successful interview. You should also ensure that your camera is working.
  • Treat it like a real interview – First impressions really do count, so ensure that you are dressed as you would be for an in-person interview. Ensure that you speak clearly and concisely, and that you use the time you are given effectively.
  • Be yourself – It is really important that you relax, smile and be yourself. A video interview is an excellent opportunity for us to not only expand on your application form, but also for us to “meet” you for the first time.

First round interview

This interview will focus on the information provided in your application form, as well as assessing your motivations for a career in commercial law, and specifically your interest in and motivation for a career with Weil. The interview is designed to allow you to learn more about the firm and our culture, as well as giving us the opportunity to assess your suitability, via the questions we ask you and, in some cases, via a short case study. You do not need to prepare in advance for this case study: the information will be given to you during the interview.

The interview will last for approximately one hour and will generally be conducted by a partner and an associate.

All candidates interviewing for a Vacation Scheme will be asked to undertake a commercial written exercise.

Please note that this is the last stage of the Vacation Scheme selection process.

Final round interview                                          

Please note that for Vacation Scheme applicants, this will take place on the final day of the scheme. 

This interview will concentrate on your interest in a career in commercial law and specifically with Weil. Be prepared to talk about your motivations for working at Weil, as well as what you think makes us different from our competitors, and why you are attracted to our opportunities and core practice areas. There will also be a real focus on your commercial awareness skills.

This interview will typically last for one hour and will be conducted by two partners.

Additional assessments

During the vacation scheme, candidates will be asked to undertake a number of different assessments which include a group pitch presentation and a group exercise. Each assessment is designed to test your capabilities in a variety of different situations.

Candidates should note that no specialist knowledge, including legal knowledge, is required to complete these exercises.


Foreign-Qualified Lawyers

Weil welcomes applications from foreign-qualified lawyers, although we do ask that you take the LPC, and elements of the GDL, where necessary. If you have a few years of legal experience, you should consider applying for a lateral position, or you can submit a speculative application via the Recruitment section of our website, with a view to undertaking the QLTS (Qualified Lawyers Transfer Scheme).

To find out more visit the SRA website.