Ellie Marques

Associate, Tax
University of Oxford – Biochemistry

I’m from a science background, so people would often be surprised when I told them I wanted to go into law. When I went along to a law fair, Weil was the first stand I approached and the person I met had studied Biochemistry at university too. It was great to see that they weren’t old-fashioned in terms of only hiring people that studied law or traditional subjects – it was the perfect first impression.

Compared to some of the larger magic circle firms, Weil’s smaller trainee intake appealed to me. I didn’t want to run the risk of feeling like a small cog in a giant wheel and I liked that you could actually get to know everyone and work directly with the partners. You’re made to feel part of the team, and like you’re really contributing.

I’ve had some of my proudest moments at Weil. A particularly memorable time for me happened during my training in Litigation. I was assisting on a deal and, while researching, found a case that we ended up relying on quite heavily in the closing submissions. What’s more it was only my first seat, so knowing that I’d actually made a difference to a case so early on in my career gave me a real sense of achievement. Since qualifying, I’ve worked on high profile deals in the Tax team and we won five awards at the Tax Awards this year. It was amazing to have worked in a team that was being recognised for their work – I hope to continue these successes throughout my career.