Imaan Gangi

Associate - Private Funds
University College London – Law with Hispanic Law

I have recently qualified as an Associate in the London Funds team. In the final seat of my Training Contract I was lucky enough to complete a Funds seat in New York which gave me an unprecedented perspective on the firm and gave me amazing opportunities to network and build relationships internationally.

For me, Weil was the obvious choice. I knew I wanted to do corporate or finance law – both areas that Weil has a first-rate reputation in. What’s more, Weil has a smaller trainee intake, which was just what I was looking for – the idea that I could get heavily involved and take on responsibility from the start really appealed to me. All in all, Weil suited me down to a tee and made it an easy decision to complete my Training Contract with them.

In my previous seat, I was fortunate enough to have been involved in a deal from the start to the signing. I was heavily involved in the signing process in particular, which involved drafting ancillary documents; coordinating the documents and process; and liaising with the financial advisors and the lawyers on the other side to ensure everything went as smoothly as possible.

Since joining, I’ve found the culture at Weil to be incredibly friendly. The non-hierarchal structure and open environment means I have felt entirely welcomed into the firm. This has enabled me to work with a variety of different people within my team. The high expectations that everyone works hard to achieve, means that every person is willing to go above and beyond to provide a great service to our clients.