Milosz Palej

Trainee Associate
University of Oxford - Law

I’m originally from Poland and when I was given the opportunity to move to the UK and read Law at the University of Oxford I jumped at the chance. As much as I enjoyed studying law, and embraced everything Oxford had to offer, I was keen to get stuck into real work at a firm as soon as I possibly could. So, with the help of the university, I applied for a series of internships as early as my first year.

My internships were better than I could have ever expected. In fact, one of them didn’t just introduce me to life at a firm; it took me all the way to Singapore. When I arrived I realised I was the only intern in the whole firm and the pressure was on to really impress. Attending client meetings. Shadowing partners. Experiencing a completely different continent. It was an opportunity that I’ll never ever forget – what a start to any legal career.

I didn’t stop at internships though. I knew that it would only be by completing Vacation Schemes at different firms that I’d be able to choose which I wanted to train at. Weil stood out to me for so many reasons: the incredible responsibility I was given and the scope of the Training Contract. Plus, there’s a relatively small trainee intake at Weil, meaning trainees work in small, close-knit teams, with excellent access to senior associates and partners. This level of responsibility and support is unrivalled, and really allows you to step up and perform. At Weil, as long as you have a can-do attitude, you’ll never be overwhelmed.