Patrick Brendon

Associate, Banking & Finance
University of Durham – Philosophy, Politics and Economics

Over the course of my training, I sat in Employment, Banking & Finance and Corporate. I was also fortunate to complete a secondment to the Banking & Finance team in New York, which was an excellent opportunity to live and work in New York and build relationships with colleagues outside the London office before I qualified into the Banking & Finance team in London.

The opportunity for progression is a big part of what initially attracted me to Weil. It’s a great place to be proactive – the firm is excellent at driving people forward and rewarding them for their skills rather than how long they’ve been qualified. So if you’re prepared to put in the work, you can really take control of your own career. The overarching sentiment is: do your work, do it well and you’ll be given plenty of opportunities to develop and progress.

I was fortunate to be given the opportunity to spend 6 months on a client secondment to a global private equity fund. The secondment, something Weil push for their associates to benefit from, has been a great opportunity to gain client contact, better understand what clients are looking for from their counsel, and broaden my skill set and commercial understanding.

During my time at Weil I have worked on huge variety of transactions and it is rewarding to see how the role I play on those transactions has developed and evolved from trainee to associate. I’ve worked extremely hard, pushing myself to get involved in deals that I know will be challenging. The work and opportunities Weil offers motivates me to learn and do more and I’m always seeking out ways to improve. For me, it’s so rewarding to appreciate how my knowledge, ability and role have grown over time.