Tom Richards

Partner, Banking & Finance
Newcastle University - English Literature

My route into law wasn’t direct despite always wanting to be a lawyer. Instead of law I opted to study English Literature at university because I really enjoyed the subject and it seemed like a great opportunity to spend three years reading books! Soon after, however, I found my way back to law and joined Lovells (now Hogan Lovells) as a trainee.

I joined Weil in 2012 as a senior associate and it took me just over two years to make partner. Initially, it was the size of Weil that I was drawn to. It’s a relatively small firm in London, meaning you can be slightly more entrepreneurial and nimble. Also, being smaller, we are able to see when trainees and associates can take on more responsibility and really push themselves when they are ready – it’s all about progression here.

Hard work doesn’t go unnoticed, nor does being resilient and having a keen eye for detail. For somebody starting out in corporate law, these qualities are key, but I would also encourage them to find an area of law that they are passionate about – it’s so important to enjoy what you do.

As a law firm, Weil’s working culture is what differentiates it from other firms. Everyone gets on extremely well; we work hard to offer a full service practice to our clients, but still manage to take a keen interest in everyone’s wellbeing. The people are what really set it apart – it’s a great place to work.