Mentoring and Support

As you grow and progress in your role at Weil, we will ensure that you receive extensive support and mentoring to help you develop and achieve your potential.

All future trainees undertaking the LPC participate in our trainee mentoring programme. For the duration of the LPC, each future trainee is partnered with a trainee mentor, to provide them with support throughout their studies and exams, and to smooth the way from studying to training. This relationship often continues informally when the trainee completes the LPC and joins the firm.

Upon joining the firm, each trainee is allocated a Trainee Responsible Partner (TRP). The partner remains their TRP for the full two years of training and is there to provide objective mentoring and advice, as well as to help the trainee raise their profile within the office.

A structured performance review system is also in place, which ensures each trainee is given detailed feedback on their performance every three months. The quarterly appraisals help to both formally recognise achievements, as well as identify areas for improvement.

Upon qualification, each associate receives an Associate Development Partner, whose role is to assist with career progression.

In addition to the formal support programme, and the informal support of your colleagues and the graduate recruitment team, all staff members are offered the opportunity to participate in Weil’s firm-wide mentoring programme.