Training Contract

Our training contracts are designed to help you reach your potential as quickly as possible through constant exposure to high calibre work. We take an open and transparent approach to progression with a structure that makes sure you get the best start to your legal career.


During your training contract, you will complete four seats of six months each.

In each of your four seats, you will share an office with your supervisor, which means you will always have someone to guide you in your day-to-day work. In each seat you will have a mid-seat and end-of-seat performance review to help you identify areas of strength as well as areas for development. You will also receive plenty of real-time feedback.

The seats you undertake will depend on your own personal preferences and development needs. We require our trainees to undertake one Corporate and one Finance seat with some trainees completing a secondment in our Hong Kong, Paris or New York offices.

Key Dates

Applications open

1 June 2022

Application deadline

31 July 2022


You can apply for a direct training contract if you are able to begin a training contract in 2023/2024.

We are looking to recruit candidates from all universities and degree disciplines. Our academic requirements are AAB at A-Level or equivalent and a 2:1 degree (obtained or predicted). We take into account mitigating circumstances and use Rare’s contextualised recruitment system enabling us to measure an individual’s performance against the average grades of their school. We review all application forms holistically, which means if you fall slightly short of our academic requirements but demonstrate great potential, you will still be considered.

Mentoring and support

The mentoring and support you receive as a trainee means you can progress and reach your goals sooner than most law firms. You will be allocated a partner mentor, who will be your go-to for advice and guidance throughout the full two years of your training.

To make sure you get the most out of your training contract and to help you develop. We offer trainees the following:

  • A three week induction

  • A dedicated supervisor, providing you with plenty of real-time feedback

  • Mid-seat and end of seat performance review

  • Departmental training every time you move seats

  • Partner mentor

  • Mentoring programme (the chance to self-select another mentor)

  • 1-2-1 coaching

  • Supported throughout your training contract by the Graduate Recruitment & Development team

Keeping in touch with our future trainees

Being a future trainee at Weil is the start of your journey to becoming a qualified lawyer, so we want our future trainees to feel like part of the firm from the moment they accept a training contract. We invite our future trainees to attend social and networking events throughout the year, a few examples include; our summer party and festive dinner. We will send you a calendar of events with your training contract offer.

Application process

Frequently asked questions

How many trainees do you recruit each year?

We recruit up to 15 trainees a year.

What is the starting salary for trainees?

£50,000 first year, £55,000 second year and £145,000 on qualification.

What is your trainee retention rate for 2021?

We have retained 90% of our trainees in 2021.

What practice areas offer trainee seats? Can I choose which seats I do?

Trainees can undertake a seat in the following practice areas: Anitrust, Banking & Finance, Funds, Funds Regulatory, Litigation, Private Equity, Private Equity Infrastructure, Private Equity Infrastructure Finance, Restructuring, Structured Finance and Tax.

Yes, you are able to submit three preferences ahead of every seat rotation. We will consider these preferences alongside business need and training requirements when making the allocations.

How many trainees do you have now?

Altogether, we currently have 26 trainees.

Do you provide sponsorship for the PGDL & SQE exams?

We offer full sponsorship of the PGDL and SQE 1 & 2 prep courses and exam fees. We also offer an annual maintenance grant of £12,000 for those studying the PGDL and SQE 1 & 2.

Do you pay a maintenance grant to future trainees while they are studying the PGDL and/or SQE exams?

Yes. In addition to course fees, we pay future trainees £12,000 per year when they undertake the PGDL and SQE prep course and exams.

If I have already completed the GDL/PGDL and/or the LPC will I need to complete the SQE exams? Will the Firm reimburse my course fees if I am offered a Training Contract?

We appreciate a number of candidates will have recently started or completed the GDL/PGDL and/or the LPC. We provided some guidelines below in regards to our approach now that the SQE exams have been introduced by the SRA.

GDL/PGDL candidates - if you have already completed the GDL/PGDL, you will complete:

  • the LPC if offered a Training Contract in 2023

  • the SQE exams if offered a Training Contract in 2024

LPC  candidates - if you have completed the LPC, we will not require you to complete the SQE exams.

If you have self-funded the GDL, PGDL or the LPC we will reimburse your fees if offered a Training Contract. 

Can I apply directly for a training contract? When will applications open?

We feel that the best way for you to decide if Weil is right for you is to complete a vacation scheme at the firm and we hope to recruit the majority of our future trainees in this way. However, if we are not able to fill our 2023/2024 training contract positions with vacation scheme participants, we will open applications for direct training contracts in June 2022.

Are training contract applications reviewed on a rolling basis?

No, we review all applications after the deadline.

Will my interview take place over Zoom or will I attend a face-to-face interview?

We will let you know ahead of your interview if it will take place over Zoom or in person, as we will need to follow Government guidelines. If our interviews go-ahead in person candidates who do not feel comfortable travelling or attending a face-to-face interview will be able to complete their interview over Zoom.

Will you cover any costs I incur to attend an interview?

We will reimburse up to £100 for travel expenses incurred to attend an interview at Weil’s London office. Please obtain receipts for any expenses incurred and bring these with you to your interview; we can only reimburse expenses against receipts.

I require adjustments due to a disability; can you accommodate these?

We are happy to make adjustments in line with your individual requirements. Please contact the Graduate Recruitment team at graduate.recruitment@weil.com or on 020 7903 1000 to discuss, in confidence, your individual circumstances.

Do you accept CV applications?

No, we do not accept CV applications. If you are unable to complete the online application form please contact the Graduate Recruitment team at graduate.recruitment@weil.com or on 020 7903 1000 to discuss, in confidence, your individual circumstances.

I’ve missed the deadline to apply for a training contract – can I still apply?

Unfortunately, we are unable to accept applications received after the deadline.

What do I do if I am unsuccessful during the application process? Can I reapply next year?

If you are unsuccessful during the application process, we encourage you to wait a year before reapplying and during this time spend some time improving your application.

Is it possible to receive feedback if my online application is unsuccessful?

We appreciate your eagerness to receive feedback, however, we receive in excess of 1,100 applications each year. In fairness to all candidates, we are unable to provide individual feedback at the application stage.